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In these conditions "you" means the customer and "we" means The Carpet Shop Ltd.


1) Where delivery is requested, you must make access available or a charge will be made to re-deliver.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2) Deposits will not be refunded after we have put in an order for the goods to our suppliers or,

in the case of stock goods where we have already cut the goods.


3) Deposits will only be refunded within 30 days with proof of purchase or a credit note will be given.


4) Property in the goods shall not pass from us until you have paid for them in full.


5)You acknowledge that we have made it clear that any fitting we be undertaken by a self-employed fitter who is completely independent of us.


6) Collection or delivery of the goods (as the case may be) shall be deemed conclusive evidence of your acceptance of these conditions.


7) We warrant that the goods will at the time you collect them or they are delivered to your premises correspond to the description we gave them.


8) You will be deemed to have checked the goods thoroughly and to have accepted them at the time you collect them or,where they are delivered to your premises, 24 hours after delivery or, in the case of fitting before cutting, whichever shall be the sooner.


9) We will not be liable to you for late delivery.


10) Payment of any outstanding balance must be made before delivery or in the case of fitting, before the carpet is fitted.


11) Where an independent self-employed fitter carries out work, you should make payment of the balance to him as our agent.


12)We shall not be required to consider any complaint unless you can produce evidence of purchase.


13) We will not in any circumstances deal with complaints about fitting which must be referred to the independent self-employed fitter who actually fitted it.


14) Where there is any outstanding balance not cleared and the goods have been delivered or fitted you will be liable for any cost involved to retrieve the balance owing.                                            

15) Except where we have made a mistake, we will not be liable to you for the size of goods ordered or cut to your own measurements.


These conditions shall apply to all sales of goods to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions and constitute the entire understanding between you and we with the respect to the sale and purchase of goods.



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